English as a Second Language 

Established in 1950, the UNB English Language Programme (ELP) is one of the oldest English Second Language schools in Canada.  ELP offers courses to assist non-Anglophones to function in an English milieu.  In all formats, the language of instruction is English; all communication is to be carried on in English as well.  Classes for all proficiency levels, beginner to advanced, are offered.  Students are placed according to their levels.

A proven way to learn English with over seven decades of success. 

A. (Total Intense) SUBMARINE © Immersion Formats: This approach incorporates around the clock immersion, with classes and activities seven days a week.  A Commitment Contract (Pledge) to function only in English for the duration of enrollment is the basis for success of these formats.

  1. Large-group sessions held over the course of five weeks are offered May/June and July/August.

B. English for Academic Purposes: A variety of programs are available to equip students with the English language skills they need to function in a university setting.

  1. Program of Academic English Preparation (PAEP) – UNB’s bridging program for undergraduate students; available each academic term.  Receive academic credit from select faculties.
  2. Intensive English Term Format – 35+ hours per week from September-December, January-April, and May-June.
  3. Intensive English Term Segment – 35+ hours per week from September-October and January-February.
  4. Evening classes, a three-hour block per week; undergraduate and graduate, credit and non-credit; September-December and January-April.

C. Daytime Personalized Formats: Private and small-group classes offer flexibility for busy schedules.

  1. One-on-one tutorial classes are available to meet individual needs
  2. Week-long classes (choose from 10, 15, and 25 hours per week).

ELP offers several specialized programs and services, such as assessment services, professional development workshops and custom-designed group programs.

For information and registration, please contact:
UNB College of Extended Learning
English Language Programme
Telephone: (506) 453-3564
email: elp@unb.ca
website: go.unb.ca/elp