Dr. William S. Lewis Doctoral Fellowships

Category(s): Application to SGS Required

Department(s): Anthropology, Biology, Biomechanical Engineering, Canadian Studies, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Classics, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, Electrical and Computer Engineering, English, Faculty of Management, Forestry, Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, History, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST), Kinesiology, Law, Math and Statistics, Mechanical Engineering, Nursing, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Administration: Internal

Field: Any

Value: Normally $25,000 per student (at full implementation of the Fellowship Program)

Number: Variable

Duration: Maximum of 4 years


The prestigious Dr. William S. Lewis Doctoral Fellowships are awarded to incoming University of New Brunswick doctoral candidates (i.e. have not yet begun doctoral studies) who have the potential to be regional, national, and international leaders in research and the dissemination of knowledge. Selection is based on academic excellence and on the candidate's contribution to the field thus far. Lewis Doctoral Fellows, like the recipients of Commonwealth Scholarships, Canada Graduate Scholarships, and Fulbright Awards, combine initiative with the ability to communicate the excitement of their research to a broader audience. Recipients will be incoming doctoral candidates, who are to be enrolled on either the Fredericton or the Saint John campus of UNB. Normally, a Fellowship will be awarded each year, alternating between the NSERC disciplines for one year and the SSHRC disciplines the next. Fellowships can be held for a maximum of four years. Where more than one award is made in a year, awards will be made in both the NSERC and SSHRC disciplines.

Apply: The Dr. William S. Lewis Doctoral Fellowships are designed to attract outstanding doctoral students to UNB. Nominations by Graduate Academic Units should reach the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies by the deadline, and later forwarded to the School of Graduate Studies. The committee will be chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies or designate (non-voting). The composition of the committee will alternate between the NSERC and SSHRC disciplines as befitting the fields under consideration in a given year. Where feasible, the committee may wish to interview the candidates.

Nominators should ensure that the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies has the following by the deadline: 1) academic transcripts from all institutions attended (for the sake of expediency, academic transcripts already submitted to the School of Graduate Studies as a part of the doctoral application process may be used); 2) curriculum vitae, including information about awards, citations, publications, conference presentations, relevant research or job experience, et cetera; 3) description of the candidate's intended dissertation topic, written either by the nominator or the candidate (please indicate the author). The committee understands that this proposal may not yet have been approved by the GAU concerned, but it will nonetheless require some statement of the candidate's intended area of doctoral research; 4) a letter of nomination from the Dean of the Faculty, Chair of the Department, or Director of Graduate Studies in the GAU outlining why this candidate is worthy of nomination for this distinguished award; 5) any essay, poster, conference paper, or other piece of documentation that the nominator may wish to include as evidence of the qualities of the candidate. 6)Note: letters of recommendation accompanying the nominee's application to UNB can be made available to the committee through the School of Graduate Studies.

Awarding Agency: The University of New Brunswick

Apply: n/a

Deadline: n/a

Recommendation needed from faculty?: No

Citizenship: n/a

International: Yes

Gender: n/a

Campus: n/a

Full/Part time: Full time

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