Advancement Committee Membership

Voting: Chair of the Board, President, a Board member whom shall serve as Chair of the Committee, and a maximum of 5 Board members, one of whom shall be a student.

Non-voting: Vice-President (Advancement), the Committee secretary appointed by the President and other officers as determined by the President.

Advisors are non-voting, and are not Board members, but who, from time to time are invited by the Committee Chair to attend meetings to provide advice.

Membership 2017-2018
Chair of The Board of Governors L. Hachey
President E. Campbell
Board Member M. Bedard
Board Member (Student) E. Kalu
Board Member L. Keeping-Burke
Board Member (Alternate Student) K. Plut
Board Member P. Reid
Board Member K. Wilson
Board Member B. Yeates (Chair)
Vice-President (Advancement) B. Skillen
Committee Secretary S. Howland