Executive Compensation Committee

(first approved by Board of Governors, 10 April 1992, amended 26 May 1993, 23 October 2003, 18 October 2012, Executive Comm - 27 February 2015))

(a) Membership


  • Chair of the Board
  • Immediate Past-Chair of the Board
  • Vice-Chair of the Board
  • Chair of the Board Finance Committee (if other than the Vice-Chair of the Board)
  • Chair of the Human Resources Committee, who shall be Chair of the Committee
  • The President (The President will absent himself from the Committee when the compensation or other issues related to his position are to be discussed.)


  • Associate Vice-President of Human Resources and Organizational Development (Secretary).


(b) Terms of Reference

1. The Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair, or as requested by the President, and shall establish its own procedures which shall be consistent with the requirements set out in these terms of reference. Quorum shall consist of three voting members of the Committee,  other than the President.

2. The Committee is responsible for determining and approving the annual salary ranges, salaries and other matters related to compensation as may be appropriate for the following Executive officers of the University:

  • President;
  • Vice-President Academic (Fredericton); 
  • Vice-President (Administration & Finance);
  • Vice-President (Saint John);
  • Vice-President (Research);
  • Vice-President (Advancement).

3. Subject to the approval by the Board of Governors of the appointment of each of the above-listed Executive officers pursuant to the applicable provisions of the University of New Brunswick Act, the Committee may, if requested, assist with negotiating, and shall approve, on behalf of the Board the terms of the contracts of the above-listed Executive officers.

4. The Committee is responsible for reviewing human resources matters related to the above-listed Executive officers which fall outside existing University policies and the terms of their contracts with the University.

5. The Committee may make recommendations to the Board on matters of policy related to compensation and human resource management of the above-listed Executive officers.

6. The Committee may engage the services of expert consultants as required to advise the Committee on executive compensation matters.

7. The Chair will send an annual letter to each of the above-listed Executive officers setting out the salary range and salary for his or her position for that year.

8. The decisions of the Executive Compensation Committee are to be reported to the Board as determined by the Committee, and shall include at minimum an annual report on the percentage changes in the total amount of compensation paid to the Executive officers identified above.