Healthy Campus Community Task Force

The Healthy Campus Community task force has been formed by the VP Saint John's office.  The job of the task force is to review the literature and research, develop priorities, goals, action steps, and outcomes for the campus based on the best-practices, as well as provide a strategic plan to the VP Saint John's Office to move the initiative forward. 

Members of the task force are:

  • Meredith Henry, chair
  • Laurelle LaVert, AVP
  • Heather Campbell, Marketing & Communication
  • Tara Smith, Human Resources
  • Terry-Lynne King, Nurse Practitioner, Student Services
  • Gary Leslie, Athletics, Recreation, & Wellness
  • David Ross, Librarian, ISS Department
  • Laura Galbraith, Administrative Assistant, Department of Psychology
  • David Gillespie, Director, Environmental Health, Safety & Security
  • Brenda Collings, Faculty of Business
  • Lisa Best, Faculty of Arts
  • Margaret Anne Smith, Coordinator of TLC
  • Dale Roach, Faculty of SASE
  • Barbara Roberts, Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment
  • Alison Luke, CAE rep, Post-Doc Fellow, Faculty of SASE

In February of 2015, the Healthy Campus Community Coordinator undertook an Engagement Initiative with the campus.  This involved qualitative interviews with a broad range of individuals across campus.  Content analysis was used to identify key themes that emerged.  These were then synthesized into a final report.  Read it here.