Healthy Campus Committee

The Healthy Campus Committee was formed in February 2015.  It is a group of people from all across campus who are working together toward positive mental health and wellness within the institution.  The purpose of the group is to review the research conducted on campus and recommendations made by the Healthy Campus Community Task Force, provide ideas to address areas of need or to strengthen areas of success, provide a unified voice with feedback to the Office of the Vice President through the Healthy Campus Community Coordinator, and move the healthy campus community agenda forward on campus.


  1. To promote positive mental health and wellness at UNB Saint John.
  2. To work together on initiatives or activities that support the first goal.
  3. To provide feedback to the Office of the Vice President with recommendations.
  4. To model positive mental health and wellness behaviours (inclusion, team work, understanding, encouragement, value of other’s, recognition of work/accomplishments, respect, support, and engagement in the community).


  1. Raise awareness of the Healthy Campus Community project through informal discussions as well as workshops.
  2. To provide regular activities to the campus that would promote a health campus community through a variety of means.
  3. To provide an annual report to the Office of the Vice President on current practices, new initiatives, and future recommendations.
  4. To create a community where like-minded people can gather and be supported.


This committee is made up of faculty and staff of the University of New Brunswick, Saint John campus. Membership is open to any faculty and staff member who is interested in promoting a healthy campus community. Membership is to reflect the diversity of our campus with representation from various faculties and departments at various levels.

Members' duties include: awareness of committee initiatives, supporting committee initiatives, dissemination of committee initiative to respective departments and/or units, and modeling of healthy campus community behaviours and ideals.

For a list of members, please contact the Healthy Campus Community Coordinator.