In your words

As our UNB family celebrates 50 years of history, accomplishments and memories on the Saint John campus, each story is as unique as the individual who tells it.  

We invite you to read the stories submitted by UNB Saint John alumni, faculty (former and current) and friends, and encourage you to submit your story. What's your 50?

Dina Cox, BA '68

"There quickly materialized a closeness amongst those first students that was unique; we were very much a large family sharing a common purpose, that of securing an education. Many of us also shared a common motivation: for many of us this was the only affordable means of getting a higher education, to live at home while attending university." - Dina E. Cox    [Read more]

Gordon Emmerson, BA '85

"Once I was a full-time student out at Tucker Park, I had interesting sensations. The place felt like a glorified high school. G. Forbes Elliot, the head of the campus, was not called vice-president, as he would be today, but principal. Part of this feeling had to do with the size of the student body, which had fewer than a thousand students." - Gordon Emmerson    [Read more]

Ron McHugh, BA '70

"We saw that UNB in Saint John was not off by itself but living and growing right there in Uptown Saint John. It was only then that I had some vague appreciation of 'the plan' that I think G. Forbes Elliot may have had and that was to expand the role of the university within the community, make it a more integrated part of daily life, a marked departure from the antiquated concept of the isolated 'university ivory tower.'" – Ron McHugh    [Read more]

Steven McLaughlin, BBA '81

"The profs Eric Garland, Neil Ridler, Peter Toner, Jean Wong, Wayne Jollimore, Reg Mackenzie, Donna Spaulding are some of those that stand out for me." - Steven McLaughlin    [Read more]

Andy McPherson, BA '72

"I was the first president of the student union at the new Tucker Park Campus. The official opening was quite a ceremony and I had the honour to share the stage with Sir Max Aitken as well as a host of other dignitaries." – Andy McPherson    [Read more]