Employment & Volunteer Opportunities


The Student Accessibility Centre at UNB Saint John is often seeking new invigilator's to proctor student’s quizzes, tests, or exams. The primary job of an invigilator is to supervise the writing of an exam and to ensure the academic integrity of the process.  An invigilator can also be responsible for reading or scribing a student’s exam.

If you are a student with an undergraduate degree and registered in a graduate program this may be an opportunity for you.

If you have any questions, please email our office at sjaccess@unb.ca 

Peer Note Taker  

If the Student Accessibility Centre and/ or your instructor have requested the service of a Peer Note Taker in one or more of your classes, you could volunteer you time and notes to help out a classmate.  This activity can be added to your Campus Contribution Transcript at the end of the term. 

A good note taker attends class regularly and has excellent penmanship and/or typing abilities. Spelling, grammar, clarity of ideas and focus in class are essential traits. If the opportunity arises and you are interested, please contact Rob Pafford at sjaccess@unb.ca