Request Accommodated Final

A Request for Academic Accommodations form must be completed for each course in which a student requires academic accommodations.  To receive your Academic Accommodation form, the student must book an appointment with the Student Accessibility Counsellor, Ken Craft.

The Request for Academic Accommodations must be completed by Student Accessibility Counsellor, the student and the instructor, and then it can be returned to the Student Accessibility Centre. The Student Accessibility Support Coordinator will examine the Registrar’s Office Final Exam schedule.  The Student Accessibility Support Coordinator will then schedule a student’s  final  based on the schedule provided by the Registrar’s Office. 

 The student will receive an email 1 to 2 weeks prior to the final exam period stating the dates, times, and room locations of their final exams.  The student should confirm the exam schedule with the Student Accessibility Support Coordinator by responding to the email.

If there are questions, or issues concerning the schedule provided by the Student Accessibility Support Coordinator, the student must inform the Student Accessibility Centre.  You can contact:

Bruce Cameron at or call 506-636-6260 or Ken Craft at or call 506-648-5690.