Writing Centre

What We Do

We teach writing to students. We work with all levels of ability, in all disciplines, in all years of university - in the context of academic writing assignments. In one-on-one sessions, we help students clarify ideas; through critiques of drafts, we can help refine your organization and style.

Our method is to assess the writing of individual students, determining their levels of expertise and moving them gradually towards greater clarity of thought and expression.

We work with students' actual assignments, which are much more meaningful to them than unrelated exercises in grammar or composition. We aim to create a secure environment, free of judgment and evaluation, and to provide a place where students can work at a comfortable pace on their writing.

Instructors will usually meet with students for individual appointments of up to 50 minutes. Students working together on a group project are welcome to come in together.

Where We Are

The Writing Centre is located in the H W Klohn Commons.

Appointments are booked online. Log onto unbsj.mywconline.com.  Register then follow the instructions. Call Student Services 648-5501 with any questions.

When We're Available

Appointments are available Monday through Friday on the hour from 8:00 am to 5 pm. Evening and weekend appointments are available during busy periods. Appointments are free of charge; the cost is included in your tuition.

It is advisable to book early, to allow time for revisions. We do not "correct" or edit essays just prior to deadlines.

What We Believe

We believe that writing is central to the intellectual life of the whole university. We see its potential as a focus of dialogue between disciplines and faculties, as well as a way to learn the discourse of particular disciplines. 

Because we recognize the connection between good writing and clear thinking, we regard writing not merely as a skill to be learned, but as a means of developing critical thinking on an ongoing basis, throughout all four years of university and beyond.