University is within your reach

UNB Saint John's Students Transitioning for Academic Readiness (STAR) is a program for students who want to attend university, but might not meet entrance requirements.

UNB Saint John's Students Transitioning for Academic Readiness (STAR) is a year-long program for students who want to attend university but might not meet entrance requirements.


The STAR program provides students with an introduction to university level studies while also offering help with effective study, classroom skills, and test taking. The STAR program is based on UNB Saint John's Certificate in General Studies.

How it works

STAR students will take up to six courses (two required and four possible electives) throughout the year or three courses per term. The required courses in the first term of study have been chosen to help create a solid foundation as you begin your studies. The courses include:

  • UNIV 1003 Everything I Need to Know in First Year
  • HUM 1021 Effective Writing I

Both are designed to provide you with the tools to help you succeed in your educational goals. Students will also have regular check-ins with campus experts to help with study and classroom skills and more to ensure they're as successful as possible in their studies. Students are also paired with peer mentors who will lend support throughout the year.

Joining the program

To find out more about the STAR program, contact UNB Student Recruitment at 506.648.5900 or Unfortunately, the STAR program is not available to international students.

Take a look at the new student guide for UNB Saint John students to provide you with all the tools you need to get started on your university career. From academics to student life to money matters, we're here to help.