UNB Saint John's bachelor of science program can prepare you for a variety of further professional educational opportunities.

UNB Saint John's Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree provides students with a foundation in the biological, physical, and mathematical sciences. 

During this four-year program, students can choose from among a variety of majors, specializations, and minors.

In addition to labs, lectures, and tutorials, students can also take advantage of interactive labs on and off campus. 

A great place to start

Our BSc. graduates are well-qualified to become professional scientists in university settings, government, or private industry.

They are also well-prepared for further study at medical school, or other health-related professional programs.

Our students enjoy a higher than average acceptance rate into Canadian medical schools.

Students can choose to major in one of the following areas:

Biology Mathematics
Biology-Psychology Mathematics-Economics
Environmental Biology Statistics
Marine Biology General Science

Minors in cognitive neuroscience, chemistry, arts and business are also available.

Professional programs

UNB Saint John's bachelor of science degree can help prepare you for the following professional programs:

Dentistry Medicine
Education Pharmacy
Forensics Physiotherapy
Journalism Veterinary Sciences

Within the the Bio-Psyc option we offer a pre-professional stream intended for students who are considering a career in a health-related profession like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry or veterinary medicine. This stream is especially compatible with Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick now residing on the UNB Saint John campus.


Graduates from UNB Saint John are in demand. Here are a few careers students from SASE have gone on to:

  • Aquatic Ecologist, Jacques Whitford & Associates
  • Dentist, Hampton Dental Clinic
  • Forensic Scientist, San Diego
  • Lab Technician, Province of New Brunswick
  • Medical Imaging Technologist, Dr. Everitt Chalmer's Hospital
  • Product Design Manager, Air Canada