The evolution of technology

Computer Science studentsWe want to help you change the world. A global technological evolution is underway and computer scientists are designing and implementing the computer systems that are the bedrock of the modern world.

At the University of New Brunswick Saint John, we offer a number of computer science programs which are housed in the department of Computer Science.

An innovative career is waiting for you

North America needs more computer scientists. It’s a fact that there are more jobs available today than there are educated people, which means UNB Saint John computer science graduates can expect a healthy and diversified job market.

Computer scientists are at the forefront of the digital revolution and graduates can look forward to a variety of career prospects with potentially high salaries in a creative work environment. Jobs are available in just about every industry, including medicine, communications, entertainment, aeronautics, manufacturing, law enforcement, energy, forestry, environmental technologies and food production.

Some of the most sought-after roles in today’s job market are those filled by computer science graduates, such as:

  •  IT/computer systems analyst
  •  Computer programmer
  •  Data communications specialist
  •  Database administrator
  •  Info systems manager

Recruiters visit UNB Saint John throughout the year to help you explore career possibilities.

What to Expect

In the first year, we’ll provide you with an overview of the computer science sector. Along with the core computer science courses, you must take two life science and/or physics courses, both of which must include a lab component and two electives of your choice. In your first year, you will take a selection of courses, such as:

  • Introduction to Computer Programming in Java
  • Computer Science Concepts
  • Discrete Structure I
  • Introduction to Calculus I and II
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics I and II
  • Science/Engineering elective (full year)
  • Arts elective

You may decide to specialize in one of these three streams in your third or fourth year:

High-Performance Scientific Computing

This stream explores how high-performance computer systems (supercomputers) work, particularly in the scientific and engineering sectors. Students will have access to state-of-the-art software tools and computer clusters to develop parallel and distributed applications to solve large and complex problems. An emphasis is placed on data processing, the visual representation of data and current research in scientific computing.

In high-performance scientific computing you will gain skills that are invaluable for programming multi-core computers.


Computer networks are the backbone of the digital world and this stream will analyze the technology that connects people and businesses through the online and wireless world. Here you will learn about the fundamentals of network programming and wireless and mobile computers.

Software Engineering

If a career in software development is your goal, our software engineering stream provides a special emphasis on improving overall quality and keeping projects on track. Software systems are becoming increasingly complex, and learning to build and maintain these systems is a key component of this stream. Both the technical part of developing software and the management of the development process are addressed, including process analysis, process improvement, quality assurance and the use of proven design techniques.

Study Abroad

Let UNB Saint John introduce you to the world. By participating in our Student Abroad Program, you can travel while you learn. We’ve recently placed some of our computer science students in France and England. You’ll graduate with both a degree and a unique set of skills and experiences.