Undergraduate Programs

Students in the Faculty of Science, Applied Science & Engineering have a variety of pure and applied science programs to choose from.The Faculty of Science, Applied Science & Engineering offers a variety of pure and applied science programs.


Bachelor of science (BSc.) students are fascinated by the world that surrounds them. They strive to understand how incredibly complex components interact to become the everyday items of life on Earth.

science student can major in one of several areas such as biology, biology-psychology, environmental biology, general science, marine biology, psychology, economics, mathematics, mathematics-economics and statistics.

Computer Science

Our computer science program provides our students with the skills they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Computer science students at UNB gain an understanding of programming languages, computer hardware, data structures and algorithms.

Our computer scientists help businesses develop information systems, create software and help develop next-generation networking and communications technologies.


At UNB Saint John, two years' full credit leading to the BSc.(Eng) is offered in civil, chemical, computer, electrical and mechanical engineering. One year's full credit is available in geodesy and geomatics, geological, forest and software engineering. When students have finished their foundation year(s) at UNB Saint John, they transfer to UNB Fredericton to complete the degree requirements without interruption to their programs.

Health Sciences

UNB Saint John, with various hospital and community college affiliates, has developed the bachelor of health sciences degree encompassing several professional areas. The BHS degree consists of two years of university education and two years of instruction and practical skills training in a particular professional stream. The four streams currently available include: Radiography, Respiratory Therapy, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy. Post-diploma programs are also available.


UNB Saint John's bachelor of nursing program is an excellent blend of university academics, hospital technology and community development. A BN/RN program is also available for Registered Nurses who wish to acquire a bachelor of nursing.