Lauren Ellis

MSc. Candidate (2009-)
B.Sc. (honours) Biology, Carleton University, Ottawa, 2008
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underwater cageProject title: Settlement and biodiversity of marine invertebrates on shallow cobble habitats of the southwest Bay of Fundy: Test of a new monitoring tool and of the decreased-substrate settlement-intensification hypothesis.

This project is part of the NSERC Strategic on Biodiversity.

My project will focus on identifying the effect of surrounding substrate on settlement and its implications on biodiversity. A new diversity monitoring tool will be used to gather data about juvenile settlement patterns. This will result in a good estimation of the local benthic fauna from shallow muddy and rocky sites in the Bay of Fundy as well as the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of the tool and ease of use.

The knowledge gained from this project will facilitate future biodiversity studies using the monitoring tool and shed light on the settlement patterns of select marine invertebrates, thus improving conservation management efforts.