Bryan Morse

PhD Candidate (2010 -)
M.Sc. in Marine Biology, University of New Brunswick, Saint John, NB, 2009
B.Sc. in Marine biology, University of New Brunswick, Saint John, NB, 2007
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Project title: Metapopulation Dynamics of the American Lobster Homarus americanus: Importance of Juvenile and Adult Movement to Connectivity

This project is part of the NSERC Network on Capture Fisheries.

My PhD work is on American lobster (Homarus americanus) movement, and will focus on a number of areas: (1) home ranges of lobsters throughout their life, (2) the movement of lobsters between inshore and offshore fisheries and (3) the annual seasonal migrations of lobsters.

When combining all this information, we will have a better idea whether juvenile and adult movement is an important process to consider when looking at the connectivity of subpopulations over the species range. This project involves field work for all stages utilizing ultrasonic telemetry and possibly satellite tracking using pop-up satellite archival tags.