Brady Quinn

MSc. candidate, UNBSJ (2011-)
B.Sc. (honours) Biology, Mount Allison University, in Sackville, NB, 2010.
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lobster larvaeProject: Modelling the potential connectivity of American lobster (Homarus americanus) populations by larval dispersal

This project is part of the NSERC Network on Capture Fisheries

My Masters project will involve using a large-scale physical model of the entire geographic range of the American lobster, including the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Scotian Shelf, and the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine. I will follow the drift and dispersal of planktonic lobster larvae due to physical forces (winds, currents, tides, etc.) until they reach competence for settlement.

This will allow me to quantify the potential connectivity between different lobster populations and lobster fishing areas (LFAs) via larval dispersal, information which will be needed to better understand lobster population dynamics and manage the lobster fishery.