Lana Miller

Post-Doctoral Fellow (August 2011-present) 

Lana MillerHometown: Rolla, BC
Education: PhD. in Biosystems and Biodiversity, University of Lethbridge, MSc. in Biological Sciences, University of Lethbridge, BSc. in Wildlife & Fisheries Management, University of Northern British Columbia
Contact:; 648-5843

Research: "Effects of coal mining on the relationship between survival, condition, and growth of small-bodied fish and common environmental variables"

My current research focuses on improving methods for regional effects monitoring programs and cumulative effects assessments. Specifically I am interested in explaining natural variation in growth, reproduction and condition of small-bodied fish using common environmental variables. 

Small-bodied fish species can be more suitable indicators for environmental effects assessment than large-bodied fish because they reflect local and current conditions due to their small home ranges and relatively short life-span. However, less is known about the biology and ecology of these species than large-bodied fish.

Identifying the impact of ecological variability (temperature, precipitation, substrate, and flow) on common endpoints (growth, condition, reproduction, and survival) in reference and coal-mining exposed populations will improve the use of small-bodied fish species for environmental assessment and increase scientific understanding of the key drivers and response endpoints in these systems.

The objectives of my project are to (1) investigate the effect of environmental variables on small-bodied fish survival, condition, growth, and reproduction and (2) use this information to develop and test an effects-based regional monitoring program investigating the impact of coal mining and providing data for predictive cumulative effects assessments.

Courses taught: Environmental Techniques (BIOL 4875)

Recent scientific publications

Miller, L.L., and Honetla, A. 2011. Species-specific sensitivity to selenium-induced impairment of cortisol secretion in adrenocortical cells of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis).  Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 237:137-144. (PhD. Work)

Miller, L.L., Rasmussen, J.B., Palace, V.P., and Hontela, A. (2009) The physiological stress response and oxidative stress biomarkers in rainbow trout and brook trout from selenium-impacted streams in a coal mining region.  Journal of Applied Toxicology 29:681-688. (MSc. work)

Miller, L.L., Rasmussen, J.B., Palace, V.P., and Hontela, A. (2009) Physiological stress response in white suckers from agricultural drain waters containing pesticides and selenium.  Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 72: 1249-1256 (MSc. work)