April Feswick

Aquatic Facility Coordinator (September 2010) 

April FeswickHometown: Halifax, NS
Education: BSc 2002 Saint Mary's University (Halifax, NS); MSc 2006 University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)
Contact: afeswick@unb.ca, 506-648-5985

My job here at UNB Saint John is to ensure that the aquatic facility and its instrumentation runs smoothly. I made the move to New Brunswick from Florida in November of 2009.

During my tenure at the University of Florida, I conducted research on the effects of nanoparticles and other compounds of toxicological interest on both aquatic and mammalian species. My research has involved using techniques such as HPLC, ICP-MS, cell culture with confocal and electron microscopy,molecular biology assays such as PCR and RNA quantification, and standard toxicology testing using established EPA methods.

The University of Florida also taught me to love college football (a requirement of living in Gainesville!), where the Gators took home two national championships during my stay. Tailgating, the beach, the Olive Garden, Target, and Orlando’s theme parks were other perks of living down south ϑ
Prior to UF, I was an avian ecologist monitoring the breeding biology of the Florida Scrub Jay in an anthropogenic environment. 

My birding experience was gained through volunteering at banding stations during my masters degree at University of Ottawa.  Owl banding (particularly Saw-Whet Owls) was my favourite! My masters work had me chasing butterflies to study the impact of agricultural intensification on biodiversity.  Before this, I worked as a forest surveyor for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, hunting down the invasive brown spruce longhorn beetle.

Recent scientific publications     

Spade DS, Griffitt RJ, Liu L, Brown-Peterson NJ, Kroll KJ, Feswick A, Glazer RA, Barber DS, Nancy D. Denslow ND. 2010. Transcriptome of queen conch (Strombus gigas) testis in individuals failing to reproduce.  PLoS ONE 5(9): e12737. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0012737

Martyniuk CJ, Feswick A, Spade DJ, Kroll KJ, Barber DS & Denslow ND.  2010.  Effects of Acute Dieldrin Exposure on Neurotransmitters and Global Gene Transcription in Largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) Hypothalamus.  NeuroToxicology 31(4): 356-366.

Griffitt RJ , Feswick A, Weil R, Hyndman K, Carpinone P, Powers K, Denslow ND, Barber DS.  2010.  Investigation of acute nanoparticulate aluminum toxicity in zebrafish.  Environ Toxicol [Epub ahead of print].