Karen Kidd Research

Effects of food production on aquatic organisms and food webs

  • Effects of potato production on nutrient storage and trophic relationships in streams (Grand Falls, NB)
  • Effects of anti-lousing compounds used in salmon aquaculture on marine invertebrates (St. Andrews, NB)
  • Biodiversity of invertebrates and their exposure to nutrients and metals near salmon aquaculture sites in the Bay of Fundy

Accumulation and effects of pollutants in aquatic food webs

  • Mercury biomagnification in acidic food webs - development of novel models (Kejimkujik National Park, NS)
  • Perfluorinated compounds and mercury in food webs supporting Arctic char (Resolute Bay, NU)
  • Mercury in stream and lake food webs in New Brunswick and developing models to predict regions with high concentrations in fish
  • Metals and hydrocarbons in local marine fisheries of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico
  • Mercury in coastal food webs of Chilean Patagonia
  • Climate change effects on mercury in food webs of Norwegian lakes
  • Metals in fishes along a salinity gradient in the Saint John River estuary, New Brunswick
  • Paleolimnology study of DDT and invertebrate communities in New Brunswick lakes

Whole ecosystem experiments

  • Impacts of estrogens in municipal wastewaters on aquatic food webs (Experimental Lakes Area, ON)
  • Whole wetland experiments to assess glyphosate and fertilizer effects on macrophytes, invertebrates and amphibians (Long-term Experimental Wetlands Area, NB)
  • Assessment of the potential impacts of the removal of the Mactaquac Dam on the Saint John River ecosystem, New Brunswick
  • Use of aquaculture wastes from a rainbow trout cage culture by native organisms (Experimental Lakes Area, ON)