Research grants

2007 – 2015

  • Effects of nutrient cycling on contaminant fate in aquatic food webs.  NSERC Discovery & Accelerator Grants, $370K, 2012-17

  • Watershed and Aquatics Training in Environmental Research (WATER).  NSERC CREATE, $1.2M, 2011-17 (Co-PI).

  • Spatial and temporal patterns of contamination in the Saint John Harbour.  Canadian Water Network, $210K, 2011-14

  • Contaminant bioaccumulation in landlocked char food webs in the High Arctic. Northern Contaminants Program, DIAND, $83.7 K, 2010-12 (Co-PI)

  • Assessing the impacts on aquatic organisms exposed to emerging contaminants in wastewater discharges. Canadian Water Network, $500 K, 2010-12 (Co-PI)

  • Development of ecological performance standards for sediments, nutrients and pesticides in streams across gradients of agricultural intensity. AAFC Sustainable Agriculture Environmental Systems, $385 K, 2009-13 (Co-PI)

  • Laboratory for assessing the chemical contamination of food webs. CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund, $109.7 K, and NB Innovation Foundation Research Innovation Fund, $54.8 K, 2010

  • The Canadian Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Network (CIMTAN) for the Development of Responsible Aquaculture.  NSERC Research Partnerships Program, $4.3 M, 2009-14 (Co-PI)

  • Trends of mercury deposition and bioaccumulation downwind of major Canadian emission sources inferred from sediment cores and food webs. Environment Canada, Clean Air Regulatory Agenda Science Program, $455 K, 2008-11 (Co-PI)

  • Ecological risk mapping for mercury. Environment Canada, Clean Air Regulatory Agenda Science Program, $1.025 M, 2008-11 (Co-PI)

  • Manipulative whole pond experiments to examine the ecosystem-level effects of pesticide applications. NSERC Strategic, $584 K, 2008-11 (Co-PI)

  • Canada Research Chair in Chemical Contamination of Food Webs. CRC Program (renewal), $500 K, 2009-14.

  • Assessment of mercury in brook trout from lakes in New Brunswick. NB Environmental Trust Fund, $23.5 K, 2008-10 (Co-PI)

  • Climate variability and change effects on char in the Arctic. International Polar Year funds, $2.0 M, 2007-11 (Co-PI)

  • The effect of anadromous Arctic charr on food web structure and contaminant bioaccumulation in coastal Arctic lakes. NSERC CRD with Miramar Mining Corporation, $64.5 K, 2007-08

  • Effects of stressors on ecosystem function and contaminant accumulation. NSERC Discovery Grant, $136.5 K, 2004-11

  • Effects of agricultural contaminants on wetlands in New Brunswick. NB Environmental Trust Fund, $15 K, 2010

  • Mercury in fishes of New Brunswick lakes. NB Wildlife Trust Fund, $10 K, 2008 (Co-PI)