Kristen Legault, MSc, 2011-2014

Thesis: Effect of cannibalism on juvenile green sea urchins


Betsy (Barber) Irish, MSc, 2010-2014

Thesis: Role of predators in the recruitment of invertebrates in two rocky subtidal communities in the southwest Bay of Fundy, NB


Brent Wilson, MSc, 2010-2014

Thesis: Biodiversity of shallow rocky-subtidal habitat in the Quoddy region of the Bay of Fundy: investigation of spatial patterns and implications for future monitoring initiatives using cobble-filled collectors


Lauren Ellis, MSc, 2008-2011

Thesis: Monitoring marine biodiversity: testing the effects of the substrate of a site on recruitment in cobble-filled collectors


Bryan Morse, MSc, 2007-2009

Thesis: The effect of settlement and post-settlement dispersal on the recruitment patterns of juvenile bivalves at Mill Cove, New Brunswick, Canada


Lindsay Jennings, PhD, 2006-2011

Title: Early post-settlement mortality, growth and behaviour of sea urchins Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis and sea stars Asterias spp. in shallow subtidal cobble habitats


Stephan LeBlanc, MSc, 2006-2011

Thesis: Effect of scallop dredging intensity on marine benthic communities in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence


Jenna Bowen, MSc, 2005-2007 
Thesis: Roles of settlement and post-settlement factors in determining patterns of recruitment of the soft-shell clam (Mya arenaria) and the Baltic macoma (Macoma balthica) in the Bay of Fundy


Lindsay Jennings, MSc, 2004-2006
Thesis: Effects of settlement and early post-settlement predation on the recruitment of juvenile echinoderms in Bocabec Cove, Bay of Fundy, Canada.