Graduate opportunities

We have an active research lab with both MSc and PhD students.

PhD or MSc student opportunity in marine ecology and climate change:

Mya arenariaOcean acidification is predicted to affect many marine organisms living in the water column due decreasing pH and carbonate saturation. However, organisms that live within the sediment are exposed to both changes in pH in the water column and to even more extreme pH and carbonate chemistry in the sediment, which is associated with aerobic respiration of organic matter, and the combined effects are unknown. We also have very little understanding of the effects of temporal variability in pH and carbonate chemistry despite the fact that pH and carbonate chemistry varies over short time scales in coastal systems. The graduate student will use manipulative laboratory experiments and field sampling to assess the separate and combined effects of sediment and water column acidification and the effects of mean vs. variability in carbonate chemistry on sediment-dwelling bivalves.

For more information about graduate research in this lab, contact Heather Hunt.