Kate Frego Lab

I have been with the Biology Department at the University of New Brunswick Saint John since 1993. Kate Frego

Our research seeks to understand the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on plants, particularly the effects of various forest management regimes on the forest floor. 

We focus on bryophytes, the poorly understood group of primitive plants that includes mosses, liverworts, and hornworts.  We have investigated the impacts of specific forestry operations, such as clear-cut, partial cut, thinning, and herbicide application, as well as comparing the bryophyte diversity in cutovers and plantations, over time.  Our current work is examining the role of rotting wood in maintaining bryophyte diversity in managed forests.

We also work with other disturbances (e.g. snow-mobile impacts) and other plant groups (e.g. Arctic plants at the southern edge of their range).