Lancaster Golden Service Club presentation

Thierry Chopin with several members of the Lancaster Golden Service Club

On May 3, Thierry Chopin gave a presentation entitled “Responsibly farming marine and fresh-waters through the development of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) practices” at the Lancaster Golden Service Club, in Saint John, New Brunswick.

This Club is an association of retired men from around Saint John, providing services to citizens of the city, volunteer work to the community and financial support for children’s activities.

“It is very important to not only give presentations at scientific conferences around the world, but to also reach out to members, of all ages, of the local and regional communities,” said Chopin.

“They need to know about the interesting research, development and commercialization taking place right in their backyard too. This gives them a better appreciation of the surprising research conducted at the university in their town and its implications for the local coastal economy.”

“This also provides a wonderful opportunity for me to test how the societal acceptability of aquaculture activities evolves and progresses when innovative practices are explained and science is translated to show its impacts on everyday life.”