Overview of graduate programmes in Biology

  1. Register on-line in the graduate programme each term, normally for BIOL 6000, BIOL 6913, and either BIOL 6997 (MSc thesis) or BIOL 6998 (PhD thesis).
  2. Arrange for tuition fee payment -- before the end of each term, i.e. fall, winter, spring.
  3. Programme of study - submit within one month of beginning MSc. or PhD.  If there are changes in e.g. your committee membership, required courses, etc., submit a REVISED programme of study form.
  4. Progress report - submit at least two in each calendar year throughout programme, as a summary of supervisory committee meetings.
  5. Thesis proposal - within 5-6 months (MSc) or 12 months (PhD) of beginning the programme
  6. Required courses:
    1. BIOL 6000 Biology seminars
    2. BIOL 6913  Research skills and perspectives
    3. others, as required by supervisory committee
  7. Thesis completion
    1. approval by supervisor
    2. approval by supervisory committee
    3. submission of proposed examining comittee  (MSc, PhD)
    4. submission of thesis to examining committee
    5. conflict of interest form (PhD only)
    6. thesis defence
    7. final copies and paperwork