Applying students

Biology Grad Students, UNB Saint JohnIf you are considering a graduate program at the University of New Brunswick Saint John, start by identifying potential supervisors. Examine the list of biology faculty and obtain the contact information for the one(s) whose primary research interests correspond to yours.

Second, write a basic outline of the kind of project you would like to do, to serve as a basis for discussion with your potential supervisor.  To help understand what is expected of graduate students, read Guidelines for Graduate Students.

Third, once you have a general idea for a project, you should contact the potential supervisor(s) to discuss your ideas. Important questions to address are:

  • Is the potential supervisor interested in the project? Does your project match his/her current research activities?
  • Does s/he have sufficient resources to accommodate you? Research space and finances are important considerations.
  • Does s/he have enough time to accommodate you? Existing teaching and supervisory commitments may make potential supervisors temporarily unavailable.

Once you have contacted a potential supervisor and established that s/he is interested in supervising your project, please submit your application online. Remember to identify your potential supervisor in your application.

 For information on general regulations, tuition, etc. for graduate studies at UNB, please visit the  School of Graduate Studies.  Where specified, refer to the Saint John campus, research-based programme.