Data Analytics

With the recent growth in the importance of "Big Data" and our 35-year experience with the Data Analysis (more recently Information Sciences) degree, we have revised our long-time Certificate in Data Analysis to focus on the key needs for today's Big Data problems.   We also pull in expertise in applied statisitcs from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The resulting Certificate in Data Analytics was approved in 2015 by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Council.    The first student  graduated in October 2016.

This certificate is meant for students having a previous background in computer science, engineering, business, or science, or students currently in their final year of such a degree, and who are interested in upgrading their skills to be able to analyze data in their field. Those with a high school education and relevant  industry experience are also welcome to this program.

A diagram depicting this area is given below:

DA Cert diagram

Contact the DA Governance Committee for details of the program.