BScCS - An ideal follow-up degree

A CS degree can be attractive to someone who already holds a bachelor's degree in another field.  As long as the degree requirements are met, up to 50% of the credit hours taken elsewhere towards a bachelors's degree can be awarded as transfer credit, pending approval.  If the earlier degree was taken at UNB, this is relaxed further: the additional requirement for a second undergraduate degree is reduced to the equivalent of one full year of studies.  Of course, the required courses for the degree must be taken, so more than a single additional year is likely required for students whose first degree is not in computer engineering, software engineering, information sciences, information systems or data analysis.   For full details, please see the relevant sections of the UNB calendar.

Students who have finished the appropriate two-year computer programming diploma at NBCC Saint John may be interested to know that our department has historically granted a significant amount of transfer credit towards the BISc and the BScCS.   While an earlier formal agreement between UNB Saint John and NBCC has lapsed, the Department intends to keep honouring the spirit of this arrangement.