Computer Science Co-op Opportunities

Students in the BScCS are allowed to participate in the BBA co-op programme offered by the Faculty of Business at UNB Saint John, as part of an ongoing pilot.  Eventually, this may lead to a special accredited "co-op" designation on the degree, but for now, the co-op experience is not reflected on the degree title.  However, co-op work terms do show up on ones detailed transcript.  With careful degree planning, it may be possible to graduate with the co-op experience in under five years.

Our partners in the BBA co-op programme have contacts with businesses that need the in-depth technological skills of CS students.   The benefits of co-op not only include financial benefits ("earn while you learn"), but also include valuable soft skills in working with people, making a good impression, learning professional behaviour, and so forth.  By graduation, students will have experiences working in several companies and will better appreciate how the topics they study connect with "the real world".

More details about co-op can be found at the Faculty of Business website.  For details about how it applies to CS students, contact Stacey Cool. A session for co-op for BScCS students was held in March 2016.