Master's Programs

UNB offers two Master's programs in Computer Science: the research-based MCS program and the course-based MCSC program.   Either can be taken on a full-time or a part-time basis.

Since our small Saint-John-based department offers few graduate courses in any given term, full-time studies in the MCSC program are not likely to work out for students.   Part-time MCSC studies may be more feasible.  While full-time MCS students can complete their requirements entirely on this campus, a better approach (for those able) is to spend an initial term in Fredericton, completing three (or possibly four) graduate courses.  Then the remaining requirements (courses and thesis work) can be finished in Saint John.

Sometimes Saint John MCS students will drive the 100 km to Fredericton several times a week in order to take some graduate course of especial interest, if it is offered in the fall.  Sometimes, the campus has provided some financial support for this travel.   As well, our department has been encouraging CS professors on the Fredericton campus to consider using the excellent videoconference facilities that link our two campuses.  Over the past years, a number of undergraduate and graduate courses have thus been made available at  both sites.

Since the graduate program is a shared endeavour between the two main UNB campuses, further information about the degree requirements and admission can be found on the UNB Fredericton website.   Note that admission into the MCS degree on the Saint John campus requires a willing supervisor, whereas on the Fredericton campus there is no similar requirement (students find supervisors after arrival).