Course selection and degree planning

Our Department invites you to contact any faculty member if you have questions on

  • our four-year accredited computer-science degree program, the BScCS
  • our four-year Bachelor of Information Sciences degree
  • any of our majors, honours, specializations or certificates in computer science or Data Analytics.

New and continuing students who require advising can book an appointment with the SASE Advisor online.

A number of forms may be useful for students:

  • a course substitution form is used when a required course cannot be taken by a student, but a faculty advisor can identify an acceptable substitute.  The student should retain a copy of this form in case the substitution has been forgotten when the student  is assessed for graduation.
  • an application for honours or specialization is made by students who want to graduate with an honours and/or specialization.  This is ideally made after second year.  Students should realize that unless they do this, the department will not realize that certain courses (required for specialization or honours) need to be offered.  Please note that we no longer admit students into the specialization in High Performance Scientific Computation.    This form is obsolete and the required courses for specializations have changed.

In (about) 2011, a presentation was given to students in which some "secrets" about courses that are often NOT listed in the timetable, but which can be taken on demand by students. The information is still mostly relevant.

Except for students taking the Honours Thesis, all students must take CS4983, which involves the preparation of a technical report under the supervision of a faculty member.  It is important to choose a topic early and understand the structure of the course.  The department has prepared a CS4983 document to help guide students and the course coordinator.

For further information, contact the Department of Computer Science.

Graduate students in computer science or statistics who are interested in studying on the Saint John campus can contact  Janet Light at or call (506) 648-5621.