Programming Competitions

Throughout the year the Department of Computer Science  participates in programming competitions for current students.  As well,  we host competitions in English for middle and high school students from New Brunswick.  (In many years, we partner with Université de Moncton, who host equivalent competitons in French.)

Science Atlantic CS Competition

Science Atlantic (formerly APICS) is a charitable association of 18 post secondary and research institutes in Atlantic Canada with a mandate to advance science education and research at the undergraduate level. Every year, the Computer Science Committee  of Science Atlantic hosts the Atlantic Canadian preliminary round of the  ICPC Programming Contest. This contest is open to CS students and the top teams can advance to other rounds, even up to the world programing competition.  In 2012 and 2014, a UNBSJ team proceeded to the next round (Northeastern North America - competition includes MIT and Harvard) and included a several-time winner of the NB High School Contest.  We also see some past participants in the High School contest competing for other universities.  One of our past competitors got to the World Finals in 2017 (representing Mount Allison). See this story.

2019 NB High School Programming Competition

  Friday, May 3, 2019

Open to all New Brunswick high school students (grades 9-12), this event is hosted every year to promote the development of programming clubs and skills at the high school level. Interested? More information (including the winners from 2018)  is available here and JDI has produced a video about the contest.

2019 Scratch Programming Competition

Date: TBA

The NB Scratch programming competition is open to students up to grade 8.   Schools hold a local contest and their best Scratch programs are sent for further judging. Then finalists are invited to UNB Saint John, where the winners are selected.  More information, including the  winners,  is available here.