Chair's Message to New Students

Dr. Baker

Welcome to our Computer Science department at UNB!

Every day we hear about new business models and the underlying technology infrastructures that are reshaping the world we live in. It’s both challenging and exciting to keep up with these changes. When you start to look a little deeper you will find the innovators are often computer scientists. Is this a surprise? These folks have the technical know-how and a critical eye that helps them identify problems as opportunities; they redesign information systems making them more efficient or run complex analyses that help to inform policy decisions. These are creative people and are in demand in all over the world, as well right here in New Brunswick.

So what does it take to become one of these innovators, where should you start and what do we offer at CS @ UNBSJ? What are our successes? Why you should come here?

The journey is long-ish, but worth it. You’ll need to be ready to try new things and test yourselves. Come with an open mind and we will cram it full of jargon, tech talk, news skills and give you new horizons to go after. We understand the local demographics and serve a number of different communities; starting with local high schools we offer the  highly popular New Brunswick High School Programming Competition, now in its 12th year. Keeping our home grown talent local is just one of our passions. We offer an undergraduate BScCS program accredited to the same standard across the country by the Canadian Information Processing Society for almost a decade.

Our undergrads are mostly local and some from away.  They benefit from a low student to faculty ratio, a number of specialization choices and the option for a sandwich year internship e.g. the Canadian Space Agency. As part of a team the undergrads get to compete in the regional computer programming competition and have gone to the nationals a number of times. Go CS@UNBSJ! Our graduate students are both from overseas and here in NB. They study for Masters or PhDs and many have won prizes for their work at international conferences. We also have a number of students that are returning students who have graduated with a Bachelors and then decide that the time is right for them to learn some more. For these students we have a new Certificate in Data Analytics which provides them with up to date skills which helps them tackle problems in a range of disciplines including big data.

Our faculty members have a wide range of expertise and come from high ranking Canadian and International universities including McGill, UNB, Stony Brook, IIT Bombay, Avinashilingam U. and Cardiff. Our alumni can be found at RIM, Yale University, Government of New Brunswick, and many small start-ups locally and in the US. They started here and made it big, and you can too.

Now you have found us you should be able to identify all the resources to get enrolled. We look forward to supporting you on your journey into higher education and beyond.

Professor Christopher J. O. Baker, Ph. D.
Chair of the Computer Science Department