Constance Browne

Connie BrownePh.D. in Environmental Biology and Ecology, University of Alberta, 2009
M.Sc. in Biology, Lakehead University, 2003
B.Sc. in Biology, University of New Brunswick Saint John, 2001
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  • Resource selection and movement patterns by Middle Palaeolithic hominins

My research is a cross-disciplinary project, we use data analysis methods that have typically been used in the field of wildlife ecology and apply them to datasets of lithic materials used by Middle Palaeolithic hominins. 

We use geographical information systems (GIS) and multivariate statistics to determine how variables such as lithic quality, rock size, lithic source extent, terrain difficulty, and path distance influence which lithic source areas were selected by hominins and how they likely moved across the landscape to reach these sources (e.g., least-cost paths vs. straight-line paths).

Selected publications

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Wilson, L. and C.L. Browne.  Change in raw material selection and subsistence behaviour through time at a Middle Palaeolithic site in southern France.  Journal of Human Evolution: In press.  

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