Lucy Wilson

Lucy Wilson, South Kaibab TrailI am a geoarchaeologist, specialising in the study of the raw materials used to make stone tools during the Middle Palaeolithic period in southern France and in Israel.

This involves studies of petrographic, chemical, isotopic and micropalaeontological methods useful for distinguishing between rock types (especially flint) from different geologic sources, so that the sources of raw materials used to make stone tools in archaeological assemblages can be identified. 

Over the years, it has developed into an investigation of prehistoric strategies of transport of raw materials across the landscape, vis-à-vis distance, difficulty of terrain, and other factors, and development of gravity models and resource selection functions as a method of assessment of prehistoric behaviour with respect to lithic source use in its landscape context.


Archeological ArtifactsWe are set up for GIS work, and petrographic study of rock thin sections.

We have extensive collections of (mainly flint) hand specimens and thin sections from the Vaucluse region of southern France, and databases containing information on hundreds of raw material sources, and many thousands of archaeological artifact tool types and raw material types from France, New Brunswick, and Israel.