What to bring

It is UNB Saint John Residencepreferred that you do not bring your own furniture (tables, couches, etc.) due to space limitations, however you are more than welcome to bring a bookshelf, night stand, etc. 

If there is anything you are unsure of please contact the Residence Life Office.

Regardless of whether you live in the Dunn or Mackay, it would be a good idea to bring:

  • towels
  • old clothes and shoes (if you will be here for Orientation Week)
  • alarm clock
  • TV
  • computer
  • sheets/blanket/pillow (check with Residence Admissions to confirm your bed size for linens)
  • laundry basket and laundry soap
  • CSA approved power bar/CSA approved extension cord
  • long distance calling card
  • toiletries
  • clothes hangers
  • dress clothes for Residence Winter Formal and Year-End Dinner
  • slippers
  • bar fridge, microwave, kettle (Dunn Only)
  • hotplate (cannot be coiled element), toaster, toaster oven (Mackay Only)

What not to bring

  • air conditioners
  • freezers
  • any open flame, including but limited to candies and incense
  • drug paraphernalia
  • pets (pet fish are allowed)
  • alcoholic beverage production systems
  • sub woofers (if already attached to your system, then it must be on low setting)
  • nails/tacks, duct tape (Residence Life will provide material to put up your posters)
  • toasters, hotplates, toaster ovens, crock pots, or anything similar (for Dunn)
  • bar fridges (for Mackay)