Residence orientation

All Residence Orientationfirst year students are highly encouraged and recommended to arrive on their arrival date for the start of Residence Orientation events.

It has been proven time and time again that those first year students who partake in orientation events make more friends and are more content with their time spent in residence throughout the year. 

During Orientation, you receive critical information. You receive your residence and mail key, are officially checked into your room, receive your meal plan card, meet the Resident Assistants and Residence Staff, and you'll attend the mandatory residence meeting to get acquainted with the rules and ins/outs of living in residence.

Residence orientation is only for first year students, and only first year students live in residence during this time, along with the Residence Life Staff and their RAs. This allows time for everyone to get to know each other. Don't be shy - you're all in the same boat!

Stay tuned for the 2018 Residence Orientation Week Schedule!