Facilities and services

Internet, TV, & telephone service

All UNB Saint John Residenceresidence rooms & lounges are equipped with Bell Aliant FibreOP wireless internet & TV, which is included in your residence fees.  You will receive your network password upon arrival, and have the option of borrowing an HDMI cable if you have a television.

Each room also has Bell Aliant telephone service, which includes free local calling within New Brunswick.

Storage room

Each building has a designated storage room, and each resident is allowed to store two items within these rooms once they have paid their $300 residence deposit.  You must have your name and student number visible on the items.  Only storage containers and suitcases are allowed.  No boxes, bags or furniture.

The Coordinator will advise via email when items must be removed and when they may be placed back in.  This usually occurs at the start of the year and end.  Items must be removed at the end of the year prior to placing items back in storage in order to clean it out and prepare it for summer.

Intercom system

Residence buildings are security-locked 24/7; therefore, your room is set up with a three-digit intercom number that will ring directly to your room phone when a guest is trying ot reach you.  Intercom lists are located at the entrances of each residence.

Food services

The Baird Dining Hall is located in the Student Centre, which is attached to the Residence Community via the tunnel system.  The Dining Hall is home to : "Grill Works", for all things done on the grill; "Expresso's coffee", "Monague Deli" and "Home Zone".  There is also a Tim Horton's located in the bottom of the Ward Chipman Building, and a Java Moose in the Hans W. Klohn Commons.

You will receive a temporary meal card upon your arrival, which can be used at any of the food services locations listed above.  it works as a declining balance debit card.  For more information on how the meal card works, please see the Meal Plan section under Residence Admissions.

Housekeeping and garbage

Housekeeping is responsible for keeping the common areas of Residence clean.  These include stairs, lounges, washrooms and hallways.  Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their own room and taking out the garbage.

Garbage is located on the Ground floor of the Mackay through the double doors and outback.  Garbage is located in the residence quad for the Dunn Residence. 

Please ask Residence staff if you cannot find it.


Recycling is located on the ground floor of the Mackay for both Residences.  Only glass, tin and plastic are accepted - and it must be sorted.


Laundry facilities are completely free of charge, and are located on the lower levels of each residence building.  These rooms are open daily between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m.


Mail will be delivered to your mailbox each day, with the exception of weekends & holidays.  Mailboxes in the Mackay are located in the Multi-Purpose Room, and the ones in the Dunn are located across from Residence Admissions.  If you receive a parcel that is too large for your mailbox, you will receive an e-mail advising you to retrieve your package from Residence Admissions.

Repairs and services

To ensure the residences are fully operational for all residents, please notify Residence Staff immediately if you come across something in need of repair.  The sooner we find out, the sooner it can be fixed!