Experience the Residence Advantage

Increased academic support

With designated study lounges on each floor, academic skills programming and policies such as extended quiet hours during exams, living in residence provides you with an environment to excel academically.  There is also an Educational RA to help you if you are having problems picking courses, missed a midterm because you were sick, are doing bad in a course...or don't know how to pick your courses.  With our academic success program, students are able to meet with the Residence Life Coordinator for one-on-one guidance and support to enable them to succeed.  There is always someone to help!

Socials and activities

By living in residence, you are able to experience the ultimate University student experience. With a dedicated Residence Council chosen by the students, there is never a lack of events happening.  From movie nights, parties, competitions, going to hockey games, board game nights, pot lucks, fundraiser and much more; there is something for everyone.  Residence is a community within the great campus community!

Increased social networking

What better way to meet others than living in residence? Residence provides you with a place to instantly meet others in a supportive environment. With Orientation week, Residence Life provides you with the forum to meet students with planned and organised ice breakers.  There are never a shortage of people around to mix and mingle with...they are only a room down or across the hall with their door open!  Almost every student who comes through our halls says they have met at least one best friend here! 

Enhanced safety and security

You can have peace of mind, knowing the residence buildings are 24 hour security locked.  Key card access is only given to students living in residence and staff who work there.  There are also security cameras placed in certain locations throughout the residence halls-but don't worry, they're only viewed if need be! Residence Life staff are also on duty and on call 24x7 and complete scheduled rounds throughout the halls every day. Residence Life also has clear, defined and practiced emergency plans in place with dedicated staff.

Accelerated growth and development

Living in residence allows you the opportunity to grow, develop and learn new skills as an individual outside the classroom setting.  This can be in the uniqueness of communal living, or the leadership and development opportunities offered through Residence Life and much more.  Through our Programming, our residents learn the importance of global citizenship, mutual respect, community responsibility and communication and conflict resolution through the mandate and philosophy of the Residence Life Office and dedication of the RAs.

Comprehensive transitional support

Whether you are experiencing academic, emotional, mental health or roommate issues and concerns, there is always someone available to help.  Our RAs are trained comprehensively to deal and act as a first responder and front line support for students experiencing these problems and can help you or get you the help you need if they can't via the Residence Life Coordinator.  There are also policies, rules and procedures in place to ensure a safe, secure and fun living and learning environment.

Peace of Mind

With one residence fee paid each semester (or all at once!), you can have peace of mind knowing all your bills for living are taken care of.  High Speed internet, cable, heat, electricity and water are all part of your residence fee...and you don't have to worry about paying this on a monthly basis.  You are also located on campus, which puts you close to all your classes, the library and an enriching academic and social environment.  If you have a meal plan, you also need not worry about groceries!

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