Offence structure

Should you have any questions regarding the below fines, please contact an RA or the Coordinator.

Level 1

Drinking Outside: Drinking alcohol outside is not permitted.

Guests: A guest is any non-resident student in a specific building.  Students are not permitted to have guests in residence during Orientation or during Exam time.  Otherwise, guests are allowed to stay a maximum of three (3) nights per week, with roommate's rights respected.  Hosts are responsible for their guests at ALL times.  Residence Life Staff may ask guests to leave if necessary.

Beer Bottles: Bottles are only allowed in suites and rooms.  You cannot transport alcohol between rooms in beer bottles, it must either be in a can, plastic bottle or the beer bottle itself can be in a koozie.

Drinking in the Halls: Drinking in the halls is not allowed.

Liquor Outside: Drinking or having open liquor outside not concealed is NOT allowed.

Quiet Hours: Unacceptable and excessive noise is not allowed in residence.  Residence students are expected to abide by the rules regarding noise levels.  If during exam time, no warnings will be given.

Incense: Students requiring the use of incense for religious purpose MUST contact the Coordinator for permission.  Please note: the health of others trumps the right of a student to burn incense in Residence.

Smoking within 10 meters of Residence: As per UNB by-law and health reasons, no one is permitted to smoke near the entrance or windows of any building.  Students caught excessively throwing their cigarette butts on the ground will also receive a fine.

Transportation of Alcohol: Students are allowed to transport alcohol through out the halls of residence, but it must be in a can, plastic cup or koozie.  You may also transport alcohol between Residences via the pedway.  Alcohol can be transported between residence provided it is in a sealed container and in a non transparent bag.

Physically Active Games in Residence: Students are not allowed to participate in potentially destructive activities that may cause personal injuries and/or property damage.

Level 2

Window Screens: For safety and security reasons, screens are not to be removed from windows.

Cleanliness Standards: Students are required to maintain their rooms.  They are expected to keep common living areas and the exterior of their room and adhere to proper removal of garbage and recycling.  If students make a mess in a common area they are expected to clean up after themselves.

Pets: Students are not allowed to have any pets in residence, besides fish or small pet turtles.

Key Card: Residence students are not allowed to give guests and family their key card for safety and security reasons.  Residence students must be with their guests at all times.  Each student is allowed to have two guests at a given time.

Destructive Pranks: Initiating, encouraging, supporting or participating in any kind of destructive prank that is offensive or hostile to residents and/or staff is prohibited.  In addition, you will be required to pay any damages that may occur.

Residence Property: Removing and/or relocating residence furniture without consent from staff from common areas is not allowed.

Damage to Residence Property: In addition to a warning, you will be required to pay for any damages that may occur.

Level 3

Cooperation with Staff: Residents and guests are expected to cooperate fully with Residence Life staff.  This includes the Coordinator, RAs, Manager and Admin. Assistant.  Misleading, not cooperating with, or improper identification to staff is prohibited.

Entering/Exiting Windows: For safety reasons, entering/exiting from windows is not allowed.

Open Flame: Open flames are not permitted in Residence. 

Mandatory House Meetings: Throughout the year, there may be a few mandatory meetings that Residence Life requires you to attend.  If a student cannot attend because of academic purposes, he/she is required to tell the Residence Life Coordinator 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Safety/Security: Anything that involves compromising the safety and security of students within the Residence system (e.g. propping entrances open) could result in a fine depending on the situation and circumstances.

Fire Equipment: Discharging, tampering with or operating any fire prevention equipment for any purpose other than the control of fire is not allowed.  Consequence may result in eviction.

Explosives: Explosive or flammable material is not permitted in residence buildings.  Consequence will result in eviction.

Inappropriate Material: Displaying or making available for viewing inappropriate material in any place other than your bedroom is not allowed.

Mass Consumption: Possession and/or consumption of "common source" alcohol (ie: kegs, funnels, etc) an/or participating in "drinking games" is not allowed.

Harassment: Defined as "any attention or conduct (oral, written or physical) by an individual or group who knows, or ought to reasonably know, that such attention is unwelcome, offensive or intimidating".

Vandalism: Defined as anything that involves community disrespect involving deliberate destruction of, or damage to, property or residence halls.  This may or may not also involve a letter of apology, and an additional fine for the cost to repair and/or restore property.

Violence: Violence or physical aggression in residence will not be tolerated.

Weapons: Firearms and any other weapon or item that is created/intended to cause harm, or could be seen as intimidating are not allowed.  Weapons are also not allowed to be brought or stored in residence.

Smoking in Residence: Smoking in Residence is strictly prohibited and against Canadian law.

Drugs: Any drugs (except those prescribed by a Doctor) or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited in Residence and UNB grounds and will result in eviction.

This list should not be considered comprehensive. Please consult the residence contract for more information.