Behaviour Policy

The objective of this discipline system is to further student development and enhance the academic experience.  While accountability for behaviour is emphasized, sanctioning is not based on punitive ideals.  It is our hope that you are able to learn from the process and come to understand the nature of the relationship between your behaviour and its consequences.

While recognising the nature of the residence environment, the Residence Life office seeks to educate students around community standards and the effect that their choices may have on others around them.  Students have the privilege of enjoying social activities as long as they do not conflict with the rights of other students to pursue academic endeavours.

  1. On the first offense, a Resident Assistant will discuss the situation with the student, and document it in the Judicial tracking software.  The RA discusses the specific rule/policy that the student is violating and checks that the student understands.  The RA also ensures that the offensive behaviour is corrected.  Any individual discussion with an RA related to violation of a particular rule should be understood as a verbal warning to the resident and the resident should adjust his/her beavhour accordingly in the future.
  2. On the second offense, the student is issued a written warning by the RA.  The written warning indicates the specific rule/policy that the student has violated.  This written warning is signed by the RA, the student and the Coordinator in acknowledgement and a copy is given to the student and RAs.
  3. On third offence, the student is given an automatic written fine of $100 and must meet with the Coordinator to further discuss whether the fine will stick or if another form of discipline will be accepted.  At the meeting, the nature of the offence is discussed and the appropriate discipline course.  (See below for possible discipline).  Some Level 3 infractions may result in immediate eviction.

The above procedure serves as an overlay to all other Residence life policies and procedures.  For example, if a student causes physical damage to University property, his/her account is charged the appropriate amount to repair the damage and the appropriate disciplinary step is taken by the Coordinator.  IF a student behaves in a way that may cause harm to self or others, the appropriate safety measures are taken (medical, removal, etc) and the appropriate disciplinary action is taken.  In extreme cases (or those that involve violation of criminal law), the Residence Life Office may waive the steps outlines in this policy and move to evict the student.

Level 2 offenses serve as an immediate written warning from the RA-no verbal warning is given.

In the case of more severe violations (Level 3), such as behaviour that jeopardizes the safety and well being of self or other residents (violence, aggression, belligerence), or behaviour that is in violation of legal codes (drugs, fire alarms, vandalism, weapons), the RA will seek immediate assistance from the Coordinator of Residence Life, to correct the situation.  Eviction may be the probable consequence.