Residence Re-Admission

This form is for returning students only and must be filled out by March 1 in order to guarantee your selection in Residence. In order to guarantee your spot, it is best to pay your $500 room deposit as soon as possible to the Residence Admissions Office. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in forfeiture of your room/selection.

Current Resident Information
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Home Address (NOT Residence one)

Residence Information

Roommates can only be chosen for double rooms in the Sir James Dunn Residence and all suites in the Mackay Residence. Residence Admissions and Residence Life will do their best to place you in your preferred room, however this is not guaranteed. Notification of room choice can be seen online on E-services in mid July.

Students living in the Sir James Dunn Residence MUST have the full meal plan. Students living in the Mackay must, at the minimum, have the mandatory flex dollar option.

Realizing students do not eat their meals three (3) times a day seven (7) days a week at meal hall, the full meal plan is ideally suited for those who eat off campus every now and then.

This traditional dormitory style residence offers 68 beds with the majority being in single rooms. Each room is furnished with a double bed, wardrobe, desk set, dresser and vanity with sink. Students can select from three different room sizes below and are automatically placed on a mandatory per semester tax free meal plan administered on a declining balance basis.

Would you prefer a:


Please select the floor you wish to live on, should the room you requested not be available:

This residence offers 168 beds in the form of double suites. Suites include two separate bedrooms, kitchenette with microwave and fridge and a private three-piece bath. Each room is furnished with a double bed, dresser and desk set. Students may purchase an optional meal plan below if desired .


Meal Plan Options:

Please select the floor you wish to live on, should the room you requested not be available:

Information on Payment of Deposit

Filling out this form does NOT guarantee you a room in Residence. It is only an application. Once you receive correspondence from Residence Admissions, it is your responsibility to then pay a $500 room deposit. This will guarantee you a spot in Residences. Residence Admissions will then be in contact with you once you pay the deposit regarding further instructions.

Meal Plan Info

The purpose of a residence meal plan is to provide meals to residence students and it should not be used to purchase confectionary items such as pop, chips, etc. since this will deplete your daily meal plan. Bulk buying is not allowed as all meal plan money must be used for the purpose that it is intended.

I understand that my meal plan choice cannot be changed at least until the end of the semester.

I further understand that I must have the full meal plan if I live in the Sir James Dunn Residence and must, at the minimum, have the taxable flex dollar meal choice if I live in the Dr. Colin B. Mackay Residence.

I also understand that there will be no refund of unused meal plan money at the end of the four or eight month agreement.


I, the undersigned, hereby apply for re-admission to the UNB Saint John Residence Community. If re-admitted, I will pay all charges as outlined in the UNBSJ Residence Fee Payment Schedule and abide by the rules and regulations of the Residence Community as outlined in the Residence Agreement. I am prepared to accept any room, which may be assigned to me, although I understand that consideration will be given to the preferences I have expressed on this form. I shall pay the $500.00 deposit and the entire deposit is non-refundable. This penalty will not apply if I am refused admission to residence for academic, behavioral or other reasons. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE MINIMUM GPA REQUIREMENT IS 2.0. I FURTHER UNDERSTAND THAT RE-ADMISSION TO RESIDENCE IS SOLEY AT THE DISCRETION OF THE MANAGER, RESIDENCE & CONFERENCE SERVICES AND THE RESIDENCE LIFE COORDINATOR.