Frequently Asked Questions

About the Hans W. Klohn Commons

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  • Campus Questions: Do you have a problem with your wireless? Printing? Don't know how to get a book on reserve? Ask us how to fix your technology and library issues and help out other students with the same! This community is dedicated to helping UNBSJ students find the information they need. We currently focus on issues and ideas relating to the Hans W. Klohn Commons, but feel free to ask anything about campus!
  • Call: 506-648-5710

What services are available in the Hans W. Klohn Commons?

  • The Hans W. Klohn Commons is home to the UNB Saint John campus library, the Winnifred Bogaards Research Help Centre, the Sisters of Charity Writing Centre, the Flora Beckett Math and Science Help Centre, the Student Technology Centre and to many other important resources and services.

How many paper books are in the Commons?

  • The Commons houses more than 150,000 books, journals, DVDs, and other research materials. Use the library's website to search the collection and to access thousands more eResources, including ebooks and ejournals.

How do I book a Study Room?

  • The Commons has 9 groups study rooms that can be booked online.

Can I get help finding scholarly articles and books?

Can someone help me getting my tablet (laptop/phone/device) connected to the wifi?

  • Staff at the Student Technology Centre can help with many technological needs including basic hardware setup and maintenance, software support (including Microsoft Office), etc.
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Where do I go to get help with a writing assignment?

  • Consultants at the Sisters of Charity Writing Centre (on the first floor) help students improve their writing abilities through tutoring sessions that focus on academic assignments.
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Can I get help with math and science?

  • The Flora Beckett Math and Science Help Centre (on the first floor) helps students who are experiencing difficulty with first year mathematics, statistics, and science courses, and with some upper level business math courses as well.

How many books are in the Hans W. Klohn Commons?

  • There are about  150,000 books and bound periodicals in the Commons. If you’re having trouble imagining this, it is about 4500 three foot sections of shelving, or 900 bays (assuming 5 shelves per bay), or 36 kilometers if the books were laid end to end.

How many group study rooms are available?

  • There are 9 group study rooms, 2 large and 2 regular size on the ground level, and 5 rooms on the 2nd floor. The rooms can be booked online.

What are the hours of the Commons?

What are my options for getting help if I’m at home or on the bus?

  • Try our chat widget during opening hours or call us at 648-5710.  

Do I have to read in the Keith and Elizabeth Chapman Grand Reading Room?

  • The Grand Reading Room is meant for QUIET study. What you can lawfully do very quietly you can do in the Grand Reading Room. Please respect your colleagues need for silence while they are working. If you need to slurp coffee, bang on a keyboard or speak to a friend, use another area of the Commons.

Can I eat and drink in the Commons?

  • Yes. 

Please clean up after yourself and remember to recycle.

Are there printers and photocopiers?

  • Yes.

 There are Repro stations on each floor. The multi-function devices will print, scan, and copy. 

How much does it cost to print?

  • 10 cents a side.

 Scanning is free!

  • 50 cents per side for colour printing
  • $0.50 per inch for posters
  • Ask for help at the Information Desk in the Commons

Where can I scan a picture?

  • At any of the Repro stations.

Can I edit movies in the Commons?


  • All of the iMacs on the ground floor have iMovie. If you want to do more advanced editing you will be able to use the Digital Media Production Suite located on the 2nd Floor, please book in advance.

Can I make an appointment to see a Writing Tutor?