Evergreening Program

Evergreening is a procurement program for keeping computers resources up-to-date on the UNB Saint John campus. The program assures that appropriate computing resources are available in departments and faculties to support the mission of the campus. A four year replacement cycle has been implemented for both Windows and Apple desktops and laptops.


How do I apply?

There is no need to apply. Computers that are specified to be part of the program will be replaced in the month that their warranty expires.

How do I know if I am eligible for the program?

All full-time staff and faculty working under the university operating budget is eligible to have their primary computer replaced every four years. If there is any question as to whether you apply for the program please direct the question to Andrea Hansen.

What is the process to replace the computers?

Yearly, an inventory of each computer that is due to be replaced will be sent to the Dean or Director of each faculty/department. At this time they will have the opportunity to review the list to make sure no changes to staffing have occurred during the year and approve. The list is also sent to the Finance department to confirm the employment status of faculty/staff on the list and approve. A member of PCS will then contact each person on the final approved list during the month that their computer is due to expire to discuss any specific requirements for their new computer. The computer will be ordered by PCS and the appropriate software installed when it arrives. Someone from PCS will then contact the faculty or staff to make arrangements to have the new computer installed.

Am I able to purchase a laptop instead of a desktop?

Requests for laptops, to be used as a primary computer, will be considered depending on requirements and budget. In the cases where laptops are purchased, other peripherals including docking stations, additional monitors, etc. will be at the expense of the department.

Are the computers in the Faculty’s CAE office included in the computer renewal?

Yes, there is a ratio of computers that are required to be maintained by UNB Saint John for CAE’s in each department. Please contact Andrea Hansen to determine the appropriate number of computers for your faculty.

There are other computers within our department, i.e. Teaching and Learning Centre training computers, do these computers fall under this program?

No, these computers can be replaced through a priority funding non-space request.

What happens to the computer that is being replaced?

The computer that is to be replaced will be brought back to PCS for repurposing to research labs and graduate student offices. In some instances, it may be acceptable to buy-out the old computer for at-home use. Please refer to the Computer Buy-Out Policy or contact Andrea Hansen for details.