Track your progress

The Faculty of Business at the University of New Brunswick Saint John has created a number of tools to make you aware of program requirements and course prerequisites to help you track your progress. 

Using these tools will keep you “on track” to complete your program and prevent any surprises close to graduation time.

We strongly encourage you to follow the flowchart provided for your specific program and to keep a running tally of your courses on a program audit form. 

You should add each course to your audit form when you register and fill in the grade once you have completed the course. 

Until you have received a grade for a course, you may include the term (i.e. W-10 for winter 2010) in the grade column.

If you have a question concerning your program, you can email an advisor or and attach a copy of your current audit form, thus providing the advisor with the information she needs to give you an answer specific to your situation.


Audit instructions and dates
BBA        BAMCertificates

BBA (xls/PDF)         
BAM general (xls) Accounting certificate (xls/PDF)                                   
BAMHT 2 + 2 (xls/PDF) BBA Level 1 certificate (xls/PDF)
BAMHT 3 + 1 () BBA Level 2 certificate (xls/PDF)
E-commerce (xls/PDF) E-commerce certificate (xls/PDF)
Accounting (xls) / (PDF) Human Resource Management certificate (xls/PDF)
BBA        BAM                                                              CO-OP
General BBA General Accounting major
Human Resource Management major Accounting Human Resource Management major
French major (non-immersion\immersion) E-commerce French major (immersion)
Accounting major 3 + 1 BAMHT
Economics major 2 + 2 BBA
E-commerce major Economics major
3-year program E-commerce major