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For the most efficient session bring/send your AUDIT FORM (electronic copy) showing every course you have completed and your current course enrolment.

Program advisors

Anne Marie Stephen and Marina Hernandez provide face-to-face or by email advising. Email your question to Anne Marie or Marina or set up an appointment with one of them. Please include your student number on your email for the advisor to prepare for the session.

Advising office hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY By email or by appointment Marina Hernandez OH 257
MONDAY TO FRIDAY  September 5-8, face-to-face advising, from 9:00 am to Noon and 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Anne Marie Stephen  OH G11
MONDAY TO FRIDAY September 11 - December 22 by email or by appointment. Anne Marie Stephen OH G11
  Anne Marie Stephen OH G11

Faculty advisors

Students seeking advise on career choice should make an appointment with the faculty advisor in their area of interest.

Faculty member

Brenda Collings
Mostaq Hussain 

Matthew Wegener

OH 217
OH 231

OH 225


Rob Moir Associate Dean, Research and Special Projects

OH 224
Electronic commerce

Greg Fleet, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Dongmin Kim 

OH 235

OH 219

Hospitality & Tourism

Lee Jolliffe 

Keith Dewar

OH 229
OH 233


Saiful Huq

OH 222

Law Neil Franklin
OH 229

Emin Civi

OH 237

Operations & Information Management

Richard Cho

OH 220
Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management

Morris Mendelson

Regena Farnsworth (on leave)

OH 223
OH 231
Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Dan Doiron 

OH 227