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Faculty of Business
UNB Saint John

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Faculty and staff 

Full-time faculty

Amin, Gholamreza Assistant professor Operations research
Cho, Richard Associate professor Operations & information management
Civi, Emin Professor Marketing
Collings, Brenda Senior instructor Accounting
Conrod, Terry Instructor Marketing, management and strategy
Dewar, Keith Professor Hospitality & tourism management
Doiron, Dan Senior teaching associate Business strategy & entrepreneurship
Eslaminosratabadi, Hadi Assistant Professor Marketing
Farnsworth, Regena (on leave) Associate professor HR management & organizational behaviour
Fleet, Greg Associate dean, associate professor Electronic commerce
Hill, Rod Professor Economics
Huq, Saiful Associate professor Finance
Hussain, Mostaq Professor Accounting
Ibn-Boamah, Mustapha Associate professor Economics
Jolliffe, Lee Professor Hospitality & tourism management
Kim, Dongmin Professor MIS
Mendelson, Morris Associate professor Human resource management
Moir, Rob Associate dean, associate professor Economics
Ramani, Srikanth Lecturer Finance
Rinehart, Shelley MBA director & professor Marketing
Rizvi, Sana Assistant professor Organizational behaviour
Sher, Ali Assistant professor Electronic commerce & MIS
Siddiq, Fazley Dean, professor Economics & finance
Watson, Barry Associate professor Economics
Wegener, Matthew Assistant professor Accounting

Part-time faculty

NameTeaching area
Alam, Jasmine Social innovation
Alcorn, Jason Business law
Armstrong, Deb Human resource management and organizational behaviour
Bell, Michael Project management
Butler, Rolyne Business decision analysis, statistics
Chapman, Tanya Management skills development, training and development
Cormier, Shawn Logistics and supply chain management
Cormier, Terrance Legal, privacy and security issues
Das, Dahlia Management skills development
Desmond, Ellen Industrial relations
Doucette, Catherine Organizational change, leadership
El Maghlawy, Samah Marketing, business communications
Elkhazin, Izzy Management information systems
Flanagan, George Introduction to business, electronic commerce, marketing
Flood, Allison Accounting, managerial finance
Folster, Natalie Business ethics, business, goverment and society
Franklin, Neil Business law
Hamdan, M Negotiations and dispute resolution
Haycox, Gillian Performance management
Hayes, Carl Introduction to business, human resources management
Hernandez, Mauricio Business decision analysis, management science, operations management
Hurly, Matt Project planning and monitoring
Kean-Fife, Cathy Income taxation
Li, Wenmei Hospitality and tourism
Marino, Dan Accounting
Marshall, David Business opportunity analysis, strategy, business, government and society
McNally, J.M. Business decision analysis, management science
Punamiya, Anita Social entrepreneurship
Scott, Michelle Organizational behaviour
Van Buskirk, Kelly Human resource management
Waldschutz, Jan Effective communications
Weir, Chris Business development and professional sales

Adjunct professors and associates

Adisesh, Anil Adjunct professor
Bourgeois, Yves Adjunct professor
Brunt, Keith Adjunct professor
du Cros, Hilary Honorary research associate
Folster, Natalie Honorary research associate
Kabir, Muhammed Adjunct professor
Li, Wenmei Honorary research associate
Ridler, Neil Professor emeritus
Van Buskirk, Kelly Adjunct professor

Staff members

Bennett, Katie MBA admin assistant
Campbell, Jackie Manager, MBA Business Consulting
Cool, Stacey Co-op program & planning assistant
Chisholm, Patti Administrative assistant
Craig, Sarah MBA marketing & recruitment
Folster, Natalie Project coordinator
Gillespie, Erin Co-op coordinator
Hernandez, Marina Undergraduate program assistant
McElman, Melody Office manager
Morin, Tammy MBA admissions
Qiu, Hana MBA recruitment
Scott, Michelle MBA coordinator
Stephen, Anne Marie Manager of undergraduate programs