Why choose our MBA?

Offered by the oldest English-language University in Canada, the University of New Brunswick Saint John's Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program provides world-class education and one of the shortest payback periods in North America for one-year or part-time MBA's. Our MBA Program has been ranked among the top ten in Canada and the top MBA school in Atlantic Canada by the Business Canada Review

Members of the 2009 graduating class

Our MBA is an investment in your future, with an intensive program that blends classroom learning with practical applications and real world experience.

The program is designed to develop innovative entrepreneurial leaders, and our students enjoy small class sizes, a diverse international student body, accessible faculty and a dedicated staff.

All these elements work together to hone the skills you need to compete and succeed in the global marketplace.

Competitive advantage

Our MBA program offers four streams - International Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management, Project Management, and General Management

Our MBA students receive a common foundation in business essentials in the first two modules of study while specializing in an area of interest as they progress through their studies. 

To rise and stay at the top in business requires an incredible breadth of knowledge - multi-national industry activity, innovative business technologies, keen self-awareness - all supported by a broad business base.

UNB Saint John recognizes and embraces this challenge with its cutting-edge MBA program. Here you will develop the skills and experience you need while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Graduates of our program not only have an appreciation of the challenges and opportunities the international business environment affords, but also have access to a global network of colleagues and contacts, invaluable in business today.

Unleash your potential

The UNB Saint John MBA program is respected and challenging, designed for today's economy. Courses are taught by academics as well as seasoned practitioners. The program offers plenty of opportunities for networking, internships and study abroad to round out your educational experience and unleash your innovation and leadership potential.

Students who come to our program not only have a unique opportunity to study with faculty who are world experts in their field, they are also on a first-name basis with all faculty and staff due to our low student to professor ratio.

Experiential Learning

 "These are the days of miracle and wonder. This is the long distance call..."  --- Paul Simon

Yes, this call is to you!

Why? Because you are demanding more from an MBA Program. You are seeking a solid business education as well as an opportunity to jumpstart the next stage of your career.
A great program, interesting courses, inspiring professors, helpful staff, and fellow students with a truly global perspective - UNBSJ MBA Program has all this to offer....and much more.

The difference is experiential learning and our partnerships with the business community. We offer you an opportunity to learn through experience and apply your business skills as an integral part of this 12 month MBA Program.

Whether it is through a corporate internship, an entrepreneurial start-up venture, professional certifications, or the engaging in-class challenge sessions with senior business leaders, you will find the experiential learning components of the MBA program helpful in taking you to the next level.

I invite you to explore this Experiential Learning companion website and hear more about this unique aspect of the MBA Program from our current students and recent graduates.

Terry Conrod - Instructor

What is Experiential Learning?

It is the process of making meaning from direct experience. Simply put, Experiential Learning is learning from experience. Experiential learning focuses on the learning process for the individual (unlike experiential education, which focuses on the interactive process between teacher and learner). An example of experiential learning is the preparation of business plan that involves the application of business theories and concepts through the journey of MBA.

Benefits of Experiential Learning

  1. Experiential learning within our MBA program creates an opportunity for students to engage and to apply   academic understandings through hands-on experience, while simultaneously learning new information about the world around them.
  2. Experiential Learning gives students the opportunity to take what they learn in class and apply it to real world situations.
  3. Beyond the value of this experience for students, themselves, students also enrich the university campus by bringing their analysis of this experience back to our campus and informing the viewpoints of colleagues and faculty.


Become part of UNB's long and proud history by applying today to our dynamic, world-class MBA program.