Living with a roommate

Choosing a compatible roommate can be challenging. Experience has shown that even the best of friends can become bitter enemies after several months of sharing an apartment. It is highly recommended that an honest discussion about issues and personal habits, take place with your prospective roommate before signing a lease.

Make sure each roommate reads the lease carefully before signing it. If your roommate moves out of the apartment before the lease expires, you are then legally obligated to pay their share of the rent. Don't stop paying rent! If you do, you have broken the contract you have signed and the landlord is free and clear to make you pay in full.

If you have any questions regarding rental leases, please contact the Office of the Rentalsman, Provincial Building, 110 Charlotte Street, 2nd Floor, Saint John, N.B., E2L 4Y9, Tel (506) 658-2512. View the Residential Tenancies Act.

Finding a Roommate

You can look for a room mate on campus by creating a poster and hanging it on our "Local Listings" bulletin board in the Student Services hallway.

Another way would be to post a Free Ad under Kijiji. Here is how:

  • Go to Kijiji
  • Click on Post Ad FREE
  • Select room rentals, roommates category
  • For "Ad Type", select "I want"
    • Be sure to fill in price, furnished, pet-friendly preferences
  • Add Title
    • It should be specific like "University student seeking room/room mate/single bedroom apartment"
    • Under description, state age, gender and occupation (student). Be as specific as possible as to what you are looking for

Establish ground rules

It is important that you share a space with someone who has similar ideas about apartment-style living. Dealing with food, cleaning and expenses should be discussed at the very beginning so that everyone is clear about how things will be done, and potential problems or disputes can be prevented. Also remember to discuss "House Rules" such as; noise (stereos, TV), guests (overnight?), smoking, leaving messages, studying arrangements, etc.

When you set up an apartment, it is always good to know what services you will need and how you will take care of paying for them. Things like telephone, power, internet, and cable may require hook-up to be under only one person's name. You must decide who that will be. Remember, you are equally responsible for the premises. Having a frank discussion about living arrangements will alleviate future problems.